Do You Feel Like You’ve Been Dating Forever but Can’t Seem to Find THE ONE? Stop Dating and Find Actual Love!

Join my dating group and community if you:

  • Are burnt out from dating but still hope to find love

  • Do you keep getting disappointed by people that seem promising?

  • Have difficulty navigating awkward exchanges, situations or conflict with someone new

  • Feel like no matter how much you give, you never get the same in return

  • Want someone to just lay out a plan for you so that dating is easy, clear and you know exactly what to do to meet a high quality partner

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Get Help Identifying Who You Should Date and Who You Shouldn’t Even Consider!

Win The Dating Game

Find true love by learning to avoid the mistakes you made in the past. Whether you're divorced or re-entering the dating world.

Personal Growth

Discover the secret to a secure and dependable relationship that can lead to marriage or into the next chapter of your life.

Community Support

Get answers to your questions from fellow daters. Benefit from shared challenges, triumphs, and lifelong friendships.

Join Dr. Tari’s Dating Group for Only $99 a Month. This Is a Limited Time Offer!

Here Is What You’ll Get In My Dating Community/Coaching Group:

Access To Me In The WhatsApp Community

Here you can ask me your questions and have me in your back pocket as you learn to elevate yourself and your dating game.

Weekly Prompts And Directives From Me

This will help you build awareness, stay focused, and increase your skills and self-awareness in dating and personal growth.

FREE Access To Two Of My Favorite Courses

THE LIST - The Absolute Cheat Sheet to Dating and Relationships. HIGHEST PATH - A Toolkit for Unlocking Your Full Potential.

Monthly Group Zoom Calls With Me

The first Thursday of every month at 1pm CST, we hop on a live Q&A. If you can't make it, send me your questions and you will be able to access the recording for your answer.

You Want Love? I’ll Show You Exactly How to Get It!

Dr. Tari is doctor of Psychology and a Celebrity Love Consultant who helps people rewire their brains and relationship patterns to find healthy lasting love. She is a regular on Access Hollywood and Daytime Chicago, Resident Therapist at OpenHouse Podcast and is known for taking her clients from “From endless dating to actual love.”

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When You Enter My Dating Community, Everything Will Change for You

Membership only discounts to my other courses and products AND future courses and products!

A monthly group zoom call with me (which are on demand in case you can’t make the call in real time)

A community of support with people who are also dating, doing this work and who are ready to offer support, answer questions and share triumphs and challenges. You don’t have to do this work alone.

Lifelong friendships (many of my past community members still travel globally to see each other!)

Instead of asking friends and family for advice, you can ask ME and your friends in the community who are also deep diving into this work and elevating themselves.

Start Dating Like a Pro

If you want to learn EXACTLY how to use dating apps to filter for high quality people. Or ensure that YOU'RE showing up as a high quality partner, then you have come to the right community!

Your Membership Is Available at a $99 Discount for a Limited Time Only!

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